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Vodacom is introducing a new Vodacom Fibre App for Vodacom Fibre customers. This app will allow active Vodacom Fibre customers to self-service themselves. Gone are the days where customers need to call Vodacom to request just simple information. Now get it all in your phone. The features of this app include the following: Check data balance for monthly data allocation and top-up data, Buy top-up data when you run out of your monthly data allocation, Check how you used your data on a weekly and monthly basis, View the uptime lastly reported by your Vodacom router, Constantly monitor the speed of your Wi-Fi from your Vodacom router by running a speed test, Log service requests directly to Vodacom Customer Care via the app, and check all the devices that are connected to your Vodacom router over Ethernet or wirelessly.


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