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Welcome in the world of Social Media All together in one from where you can enjoy with your social life.Social Media All in one is a must have app for all social networking apps. As its name suggests it contains all popular social networking sites and one can access his/her favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. through this app.Why to install tens of individual apps for each social network when you can access all of them in only one app, that is Social Networks All in One app.This unique application offers you all Social Media Connection in one interface as all the major social media networks are available in this short this is faster then social media apps as well social networking apps.You can access many social networks through this app, few are listed below :-Facebook-Twitter-Google+-Linkedin-Pinterest-Google Plus+-Youtube-Instagram-Flickr-MySpace-StumbleUpon-Badoo-Tumblr-Kohtakte-Hi5-Myspace-Flixster-Pinterest-Tagged-Last.fmWe are a


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