Famous Indian Temples
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India has been praised by some of the great people who have lived on the Earth. The evidence of Indian civilization can be traced back to thousands of years. No other place can vouch for the sort of diversity, which fills every nook and cranny of this incredible country. The various religions, languages, dialects, traditions and customs provide many facets of the majestic country called India. India being a Major Hindu Country was ruled by various great Hindu rulers who have built various temples that depicts the architectural excellence of their time and were devoted to their Gods and Goddess. A Hindu temple is a position of love for adherents of Hinduism. They are generally committed to one essential God, the managing divinity and different gods connected with the main god. Indian temples showcase the blend of various art and architecture with amazing carvings and funishings. India has two million gods, and worships them all. Find out in this app, the list of top most famous temples.


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