Bali - It is Christmas!
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It's Christmas and as everyone opens their presents, Bali sees there's one left. But he's quickly confused, for it has both his and Lea's name on it. Bali doesn't understand, presents are always for one person. And he doesn’t want to share it with anyone. Frustrated, Bali goes into his dream. he and Kikou find themselves by Santa's sleigh. They help him load up his sleigh by matching the gifts with his long list. When finished, they notice one present remains. Before the elves fight over it, Santa says it's for everyone. Indeed, it's full of cookies that they all share. Back in 'reality', Bali decides it's ok to share. In fact, the present is actually two puppets. Together, Bali and Lea put on a little puppet show to the delight of all.



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