Foozoo Land
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- Foozoo Boom: a verbal ping pong game, where the ball is replaced by a bomb! - Crazy Foozoo: Compete against the pumpkin, be the first to answer its 3 questions and win the game! - Foozoo Ploof: Burst a maximum number of bubbles by matching ideas! - Foozoo Snake: Be the first to identify similar symbols in this hypnotic game! - Whooz Foozoo: help your team guess a maximum number of words, following loony constraints! - Lady Foozoo: be the first to release the she-camel from her padlock, identifying the right combination! - Foozoo Roolette: who will end up burned by the dragon ? Use your powers wisely for your team to survive… and win the game! - Space Foozoo: help the Alien compose words with the letters displayed in space!



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