Xander English 123
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English 123 is an educational app for young children that teaches numeracy using child-friendly counting beads and characters from the animal kingdom. Xander, the lovable narrator, guides your child through four stages of learn-through-play activities involving vision, hearing and touch to teach them how to count to 10 in English. Valuable skills are gained in the process to prepare children for school readiness, they include counting, number recognition and number tracing. English 123 consists of four games where kids can learn to count, engage with numbers and understand quantities to support a strong base for numeracy. Features: Learn to count to ten and trace numbers Study numbers in the font used by schools Practice pronunciation Understand quantities through fun exercises Improve fine motor skills, number tracing and numeracy Xander Apps is a truly African initiative, developed by a local South-African Chartered Accountant and mother of three and incorporates widely accept



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