Xander English 1 - 50
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Xander 1-50 is an English educational app for young children that allows those with some knowledge of numbers 1-20 to build on their addition and subtraction skills through simple sums designed specifically to support numeracy skills and increased confidence in young learners. Xander, the adorable dino, guides your child through playful activities to master numeracy skills between numbers 1 through to 50 in their own language. Features: Identify numbers 1 to 50 Practice addition and subtraction Master drills through gradual progression Improve decision-making and problem solving skills Parents feature to view your progress Xander Apps is a South African solution developed by a local Chartered Accountant and mother-of-three to incorporate widely accepted psychological findings about the importance of education in a child’s mother tongue. Children can now engage with local educational apps in their own language resulting in enhanced knowledge absorption and technical skills proficiency



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